JUNE, 2017

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In the starry abodes of men.
Illustrated by Jiyeon Yoo.


He teetered, nigh on the brink of the abyss, thinking
Of the creeping disquiet, that seemed to seize him.

He spoke of disillusionment, of yearning,
Of despair and hope, and of liberation.

He wrote, of the miseries of mortals,
Of masquerading myths, and of the multitudes.

He thought, of the curse of the flesh, and
Of belligerent service, in the crusades of men.

He felt, confined and bound in; torn apart by
The trappings of this world, and the next.

He demanded, the truth of it all,
If there was some such; ghastly or serene.

He answered, or his words did: It’s a womb, an egg,
Waiting while he lives each life ever lived, or to be lived,
Preparing him for his true birth, among the ‘Gods’,

Perhaps in the stars, far away from men.

He understood, though not in full measure,
Barely believing that which his words spoke,
Fondly hoping, dreaming, daring; Even supposing
The truth of that which he had so boldly sought.

And it dawned, prematurely, or so I thought; Realization
Cold and sweet and desolate and forlorn
That I must strive tirelessly on,
In the starry abodes of men.



By guest author:

Aditya Wakhlu

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