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Nattering Negatives

From the dirty bottom to the top,
You’ve combatted in fights and wars you couldn’t dream of.
And you’ve won battles I can’t talk about.
You’ve faced your habits;
Defaced and changed yourself just so people will accept,
What you claim to be for them.
You’ve burned a thousand bridges,

Collapsed― a million times.

I think you ought to know,
I see you twist, turn, twirl and roll your tongue,
In your mouth
Before you voice your thoughts,

Tell others what you think.
You’ve sorted and picked pieces of your thoughts,
As minuscule and numerous as grains of sand,
And pressed them to your oh so heavy chest

Even as you disintegrated against their touch.
You have built every cell of yourself

Up from the ground
(Where you seem to end every now and then)
Time and time again.
So celebrate and rejoice, please.
As I remind you what you are fighting for.
You must know what they think and

Try to feign interest and act like it matters.
Know what they don’t approve of.
Then let them watch you nod your head and smile.
Understand their need of getting their words out of their system.
But please understand this:
If anything they expect goes against,
Or mocks the trillions of units of consciousness that make your being,
Don’t go through for it.
I understand you.
What I need you to understand is,
That it doesn’t matter.
You are an empire.
You are the world.
You are a goddamn masterpiece.

By guest author:

Vaishnavi Dube

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