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I seek to make sense of the cheerless vibe surrounding me; while the people surrounding me bask in the optimistic radiance of a new year. I laugh as the irony is lost on my inability to do justice to something as prevalent and unremitting as this void in my belly that maims my laughter with an ugly purge of bile rising from my stomach as a result of relentless anxiety.

Bookmarked tumblr quotes flood my mind as I sit to decide my plan of action. Should I let the sadness devour my spirit and wait for it to ebb away, since all our feelings are valid and we’re allowed to be sad? Should I pretend to be happy till I really become so, because there is no point bothering others in this hour of celebration?

I should breathe, I decide.

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My counselor once told me that out of all the things that the world does, and as a part of the world my body does, to respire is the most consistent. It is one of the few bodily functions that we can externally regulate.

“So, child, you should choose to breathe.”

The year might have exhausted and drained you off spirit and hope; but the next set of 365 days deserve your best self. You, my dear, deserve your best self. When people preach about it getting better, they mean it. Even though we tend to feel that circumstances only change for the worse; we get better. We get better when we acknowledge the sadness, but refuse to let it get the better of us. We get better when we start reminding ourselves of the myriad of good stuff life is made of. We get better when we realize the power we have over ourselves and our lives. It only is a matter of realizing this power.

This year might not give us anything specific to rejoice, but we can gift ourselves the present of self love and the ambition to be happy. The simple ambition to be happy. For, what is it that we as a race are looking for, if not a reason to smile.

Do what makes you happy. Be what makes you happy.

Play your best game, mate. And most importantly, remember to breathe.

Namrata Chatterjee

Namrata Chatterjee

Mental Floss


The first conversation you have with Namrata Chatterjee, you would probably expect her to become the President. The second conversation you have with her, well, not so much.
An ardent acolyte of psychology, she is an academic scholar and an even better writer. From debating to designing she has tried her hand at everything D. What would intrigue you the most about this remarkable young lady, is that even after all the “edgy” situations she has landed herself in, she never relies on aggression for any solution, unlike some of the other people leading us. Rather, she prefers logic infused with loads of kindness to do the same. An absolute sweet slump, she is in desperate need for compliments.

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  1. Aruni Tripathi

    This is written absolutely beautifully. You succeeded in defining most of ours’ feelings for this New Year very aptly.
    Keep up the good work,Miss.


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