By Rhea Tewary

‘Trigger Khench, Tamasha Dekh’

'Trigger Khench, Tamasha Dekh' 21 APRIL, 2016 Monocle A sequel to the highly entertaining and thought provoking ‘Jolly LLB’, ‘Jolly LLB 2” certainly has twice the amount of satire. The movie saw an armed siege in a courtroom, in broad daylight (muskurayye, aap Lucknow...

The Hills Are Alive

The Hills Are Alive 14 MARCH, 2017 Monocle ‘The Sound of Music’ is a delightful amalgamation of timeless humour, relatable emotions and scores of heartwarming moments. At face value, it is a movie about a nun, teaching children devoid of maternal love to find solace...

Erso Disappointing

Erso Disappointing 19 JANUARY, 2017 Monocle The only thing that went rogue in ‘Rogue One’ was the franchise’s desperation to rake in revenues. A few random resurrections and vague allusions to the rest of the movies later, there is some semblance of a plot. A strong...

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