Scattered Sentences

By Swati Singh


// C R U S H // 15 June, 2017 Scattered Sentences Not love - A kind of lightness. Illustrated by Swati Singh. I'll begin -   With the most cliché beginning,   (I wonder if it's a bad way to start this inning)   Heart racing, head spinning,   Weird, like blood thinning...

She Blogs In Beauty

SHE BLOGS IN BEAUTY    1 June, 2017 Scattered Sentences She blogs in beauty. Illustrated by Swati Singh She blogs in beauty-  While blue light,   illuminates her screen and face.  Her soul, hid, yet  Her fingers bright,  Tapping the endless app displays.    She blogs...


Delete Made by Swati Singh My cellphone, Hasn’t buzzed in ages. You have no reason to text or call. You said we’d keep in touch, Our emails would last pages. “The communication wouldn’t ever fall.” How was I to know, When truth sparkled in your eyes. I missed the...

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