A Cup Of Tea: Featuring Anxiety

Made by Jiyeon Yoo

When anxiety invites you to sup,

You pour out your fears in a little cup.
You bring it to your lips,
And as your hand comes up –
You try,
In vain,
To stop those scalding sips.

You try, 
To let go, and though
It’s looking easy,
It doesn’t feel light.
As you sit there feeling queasy,

You’re fraught with shaky fright,
That this beast, tonight –
Isn’t a monster hiding under your bed
For you to discover to be invisible at last –
But the elephant in the room,
Behind your forehead,
That accelerates your fears.

Too much,
Too fast.

You swallow. 
And as you wallow
In the belief that the world is ending,
Tell yourself you’re only spending
20 minutes.

That’s just as long as a human body can panic.
So even though you’re in a manic frenzy
You can see,
It won’t last forever.

And eventually you will recuperate.
And think of how you’d berate
Yourself for the way you hyperventilate.
You’ll see your heart palpitates,

For only 20 minutes.

Imagine it, in 4 sets of 5,
And how after that you’ll be alive.
The same as you were,
You’re going to thrive.

You tell yourself
You’ll be better than before.

Until you’re invited again,
Through an open door you can’t close.
And it’s a door that is invisible,
And it’s not hard to suppose that it’s just next to you.

So when the next time comes,
It will feel the same as the first time, 
Feel like the worst time.

But if you think you’re going to burst,
Remember first –
That this has been rehearsed.
Even if this isn’t a drill,
It won’t kill you,
Or make you stronger.

But remember –
You’ve lasted longer.
So breathe a little more this time.
4 sets of five.

Remember – you’ll be fine.

Swati Singh

Swati Singh

Scattered Sentences


Some people are like assortments within themselves. Swati Singh is one of those people. Caught between precision and presentation, she is often found either striking a fine balance between the two, or attempting to hibernate under a rock. She is a blogger who rarely blogs, an artist who hardly draws and a debater who attempts to wriggle out of most arguments. For the most part , her talents lie dormant as she procrastinates with a single minded lack of determination shared only by her cat, but in her rare moments of clarity, she is likely to impress you with her fierce speeches, witty comebacks and her commendable ability to quote Emily Dickinson and text entirely in rhyme.

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