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The only thing that went rogue in ‘Rogue One’ was the franchise’s desperation to rake in revenues. A few random resurrections and vague allusions to the rest of the movies later, there is some semblance of a plot. A strong female character dampened by dubious loyalties is flooded with choices and aided by a somewhat brainwashed rebel. That being said, her grit kept the movie going; while simultaneously infusing new notions about rebellion and proving that rebellions are indeed built on hope.

When one has managed to keep track of the plethora of new characters, they reveal themselves to be a bunch of underdogs scattered around the galaxy, who come together to form a group of unsung heroes and low-key martyrs. Several fans have objected to the CGI rendition of Grand Moff Tarkin, since it was digitalised in a jarring manner and could well have been omitted. Nonetheless, a few surprise appearances managed to compensate for this.

Made by Esther Larisa David

The inklings of humour that grace the script are well timed and universally hilarious- Krennic is told “ Be careful not to choke on your own convictions” while being choked, and a blind man is rather farcically blindfolded. These instances are, however, rare and the film could certainly use a few more of them; some jokes conversely lose their charm when cynicism appears on the scene.

All in all, the film is a bit of a blotch on the reputation of the franchise, leaving starry eyed fans with a bit of hope to cling on to at the end.

Rhea Tewary

Rhea Tewary



Book lover, feminist, and a deceptively quiet demeanour characterises Rhea best. She has volatile political opinions, but would just as easily melt if someone showed her a furry animal. Rhea enjoys reading historical fiction, political thrillers and murder mysteries. Additionally, she subjects anyone who seems remotely friendly to her pathetic sense of humour.

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