Perfart India amplified our micro-cravings by getting Terribly Tiny Tales to the gates of Lucknow. A workshop was conducted by the co-founder of TTT, Chintan Ruparel on the importance of social media advertising and micro-fiction on 26th December at Cappuccino Blast, Aishbagh. Inwords had the privilege of serving as the blog partner for the event. The Inwords team comprised Fiza Khan (Reporter), Abhinav Pandey (Photographer), Shambhavi Singh (Photographer) and Harshi Lal (Caricaturist).

“In poetry, you can never go wrong, and therefore, you must, just write.”

The much awaited Terribly Tiny Tales workshop in collaboration with Perfart, was conducted on the wintry afternoon of the 26th of December at Cappuccino Blast, Aishbagh in Lucknow, by Chintan Ruparel, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at ttt.

Both, the traffic-induced delays, and the windy day, failed to dampen the bubbling enthusiasm of the hundred-strong plethora of people that attended the event. Seated on the cushioned floor, the crowd, which ranged from school kids, to moms who’d come to drop them off; and from writers to non-writers alike,  bore witness to ttt’s  journey from a dilapidated office in Mumbai in the summer of 2013 to the commercial success that they are today.

Chintan spoke of how, in writing, there must be clarity,relatability and freshness. Intent- what you want to say, content- what you end up saying and construct- how you say it, are the triplet steps that follow up. It is only through the amalgamation of these three that an original composition succeeds in its purpose. Moreover, you must discard any first thoughts, go beyond the obvious; and you’ll surprise yourself, for writing is its own reward.

The latter part of the workshop saw an interpretation game where the enthralled audience was shown pictures, and everyone had to come up with their own understanding of it. So it was, that while someone perceived a half open window as an opportunity to escape from captivity, someone else took it as a browser window being hastily shut down. The gathering then oxymoronically chose the words ‘fire’ and ‘winter’ to write their workshop tales on and came up with some beautiful ones. Deprived of workshops of this nature, the Lucknowites loved what they learnt and went back better-equipped to weave magic with their words.

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