Everything That You Ever Wanted


APRIL, 2017


A freshly punched out 10 second old, wrapped in blood and piss has the potential to make you as happy as you never thought you could feel.

It’s wonderful how your sperm (or egg), which you’d washed down the drain every lonely (or accompanied) night (or day) till that one time, made flesh and bones and blood and is now in your hands, bawling it’s lungs out.

It developed one fingernail at a time inside you.

It’s beautiful.

It has all the organs but they’re so tiny.

You hold it.

You’re scared but you’re also sure that you got this one.

Made by Jiyeon Yoo

It has eyes like your favorite cream puffs and its skin is the color of the froth of your coffee that you take to go with the puffs.

You want to eat it and burp (or fart) it’s sweet smell.

You remember that smell, don’t you?

You smelled like that.

You created this: this smell and that teardrop.

This bundle of cells, now signifying everything that you ever wanted.


A freshly diagnosed cancer patient, wrapped in linen and cotton has the potential to make you as sad as you never thought you could feel.

It’s wonderful how this human being, of feelings and smiles and sweat and sneeze, which you’ve lived by for your entire lifeis reduced to a bag of bones and is now holding your hands bawling it’s lungs out.

It developed inside an organ it didn’t even know it had.

It had heard about it in a few books and movies but had never seen it or even felt it.

You’re hopeful but you’re also sure that this one, you can’t repair.

It has eyes, which are red like tomatoes inside your sandwich, which are sagging because they’ve been cut too long; exactly what you bickered about last evening because you don’t eat stale tomatoes.

Its skin has got no color.

You want to eat away that cancer.

You don’t recognize this strange smell coming from it.

You don’t want it to smell that way.

You know this smell will soon be dead: this smell, one teardrop at a time.

This bundle of cells, now signifying everything that you ever wanted.


And you know what’s really sad? It’s always the same baby.

Your sperm who now has cancer.

Vindhya Gupta

Vindhya Gupta



With scribbles in the margins of her notebook to doodles on her bedroom walls, her flair for performance arts and a casual style of writing with striking punch lines being her forte, Vindhya Gupta is every artsy hipster Tumblr aesthetic personified. They say that with the touch of her pen and brilliance of her mind she creates pieces of art, we confirm that she is one herself.

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