Flames Burn Themselves



Nattering Negatives

Flames burn others,
but maybe they burn themselves too,
and that’s why,
fire dies down,
We as humans,
hurt other people,
but fail to realize-
the echoes of our sins
are the sounds of our own
Aditi Wakhlu

Aditi Wakhlu

Logorrhoea, Satrang


Aditi Wakhlu, The First Of Her Name, Breaker of Societal Norms, Queen of Sarcasm, Master of Puns, etymology freak, debater, videographer, violinist. This spoken-word-fanatic, who is an unusual combination of a lazy perfectionist, has a wonderfully appeasing sense of aesthetics. Her sense of political correctness and taste in music is in its most literal sense of the term, award-worthy.

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