Nattering Negatives

“Who is that girl looking back at me?” I wonder,

As I stand examining her before the mirror,

“Innocent, calm, happy is the girl I see,

Can that truly be me?”

I don’t trust the mirror; it always conceals the reality,

It often replaces hatred with love, and kindness with cruelty,

One can be broken or damaged inside,

Yet, the mirror would show him smiling wide,

It shows only the face and never the true intention,

It remembers to reflect the over-rated beauty but fails to show soul’s reflection,

The mirror deceives the sharpest eye that looks,

And teaches us to value the cover more than wisdom provided by books,

Hideous nature can be hidden behind the prettiest face,

Most malicious act can be covered by an air of grace,

Mirror can hide depression with a smile so fake,

So do not trust the mirror for everyone’s sake,

“Off stress, when would I be free?”

I smiled as I tried to be that girl I see.

By guest author:

Anvesha Saxena

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