// SAWAAL //


MAY, 2017


“Aur main poochti bhi kya?”

Illustrated by Harshi Lal

“My chauffeur’s wife was diagnosed with cancer. Despite being almost friends with him, I couldn’t get myself to ask him about her. One day, in a foreign city I asked myself why.”

Aur main poochti bhi kya —

Ki tumhaari wife ko cancer hua hai?

Already kitne sawaal honge,

Jiske jawaab honge hi nahi uske paas —

Ki papa, aaj khaane mein kya hai?

Ki jaane waale ko kaun rok paaya hai?

Ki aaj tumhaara phone kyun nahi bajj raha?

Ki bill kab doge?

Aur kuch aise chote se sawaal honge,

Jo jab the, to kisi ne notice hi nahi kiya —

Ki aaj ghar jaldi aa paaoge?

Ki aaj blue shirt pehnoge ya white?

Ki koi aur pasand aa gayi hai kya?

Ki namak zaada to nahi?

Phir kuch aise bhi honge,

Jo baithe honge, Upset hoke, side mein,

Kyunki unhein to koi pooch hi nahi raha —

Ki aaj gandi waali picture dekhogi?

Ki itna loudly kyun bolti ho?

Ki yeh job karni zaroori hai kya?

Ki chali jaaogi akele ya main aaun?

Aur main, poochti bhi kya —

Ki tumhaari wife ko cancer hua hai?”

Vindhya Gupta

Vindhya Gupta



With scribbles in the margins of her notebook to doodles on her bedroom walls, her flair for performance arts and a casual style of writing with striking punch lines being her forte, Vindhya Gupta is every artsy hipster Tumblr aesthetic personified. They say that with the touch of her pen and brilliance of her mind she creates pieces of art, we confirm that she is one herself.

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