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MARCH, 2017


‘The Sound of Music’ is a delightful amalgamation of timeless humour, relatable emotions and scores of heartwarming moments. At face value, it is a movie about a nun, teaching children devoid of maternal love to find solace in music. However, scratching the surface reveals that it is in fact, a movie that deals with complex themes such as the conventions upheld by the Roman Catholic Church, breaking stereotypes about love and the growth of human nature. The Nazi era forms an interesting background for the plot and truly captures the essence of the tense times.

Made by Ishita Srivastava

The songs themselves are intelligently written and fit into the plot like a hand in a glove. They also make for an effective juxtaposition against both Von Trapp’s cold demeanour as well as the Nazi backdrop.

The actors carry out their assigned roles with aplomb. Julie Andrews plays the part of a saccharine, fun loving nun with sangfroid and also serves as a non conformist. It is this very quirky nature of hers which succeeds in creating a change of heart in Captain Von Trapp played by Christopher Plummer, who depicts the change in his character seamlessly. All the young actors who play his children were also convincing and relatable to most children.

All in all, the movie was a delightful account of unexpected love, change of heart and above all, the influence of music over people’s lives.

Rhea Tewary

Rhea Tewary



Book lover, feminist, and a deceptively quiet demeanour characterises Rhea best. She has volatile political opinions, but would just as easily melt if someone showed her a furry animal. Rhea enjoys reading historical fiction, political thrillers and murder mysteries. Additionally, she subjects anyone who seems remotely friendly to her pathetic sense of humour.

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