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A few days ago, I was reading an article, which pointed out how more often than not, it is the Jews who are blamed for everything that goes wrong. This phenomena, which is a mix of anti-Semitic and leftist elements interpreted the coveted reformation movement of the Jews as a radical, exceptionalist and racist movement, the inception of which was laid with arcane desires of world dominance. The Zionist Movement was a brainchild of Theodor Herzi and the melancholic circumstances that affected generations of Jews in his time. The true objective of the movement, was the establishment of an independent Jewish State in the Land of Israel, as promised to them in the Old Book.

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Around the same time as the rise of the movement, trade blossomed around the world, engulfing it in the blissful process of Globalization, a dense corporate network was created among the large German corporations. About 16 percent of the members of this corporate network were of Jewish Background. At the center of the network about 65 percent were Jewish. The percentage of Jews in the general population was less than 1% in 1914, at the same time they occupied 78% of the high-income earning population, which led to draconian divide between the religious factions, where Jews were the rich and privileged. The Great Depression saw worldwide poverty, while the most affluent nations were the worst expected, the poorest of these nations were almost left to die. The Jews owing to their financial success, led comfortable lives while the other sections of society lived in horrific conditions. This sparked off the first Zionist Conspiracy which claimed that the Zionists monopoly over the banking systems and thus their overall control over economy, which would one day, lead to the inception of a World Order, of the Jews, by the Jews.


While this theory, may not be true at the time, it did touch and later occupied the realms of reality after the Jewish genocide. Hitler’s genocide, reformed the Zionist Movement once again, and united them together under one cause. The severity of the atrocities dictated the resoluteness of the Jews after the War. Their conscious and constant effort lead, not only to the establishment of Israel, but its evolution, from a minor war torn country to a developed polar of the World. The Jewish Community is the strongest religious faction in the world. While 6 Jewish companies own 96 percent of the World Media, their control over economy has been unprecedented. The State of Israel, dominates the world political scenario through its powerful connections with the USA, and truly, a World Order has been established.


The Phoenix-like rise of the Jewish Community, teaches us a very important lesson, which has often resurfaced throughout history. Tragedy, if well executed, more often than not results in an ironical Evil’s Failure. Those affected always rise from the dark, while the executors have a fall from grace.

Siddhant Mishra

Siddhant Mishra

The Chimera of Truth


Siddhant Mishra truly is a man of his own making. His ability to convince not just one person, but a room full of people about any given subject is what marks him apart of a mob. Not only is he a man of razor sharp wits, but also excels at humor. His hatred for pretense and toffees root down to the same reason; both come in plastics. That been said, his puns are as hilarious as they are tricky. Hanging out with him is fun, to say the least. If he does talk to you; he either does it so he can marvel upon the infinite capacity of human stupidity, or because he deems you intellectual enough to be of good company to him. Good luck finding out which.

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