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APRIL, 2016

Time Turner
Chaos and turmoil encompassed the Royal nation as the heavenly fog amalgamated with earthly soot blanketed its innocent citizens. The hospitals were flooded with men, women and children accompanied by masked kinsfolk, all pleading for the mercy of the dame nature. The democratic rulers of the nation had proved themselves incapable of handling the deteriorating plight.

This was among the first of the challenges that the to-be Queen, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary had to encounter. One could simply deduce what was to follow.

With two hundred and fifty six official visits to one hundred and twenty nine different countries, Queen Elizabeth II has witnessed thirteen British Prime Ministers, seven Archbishops of Canterbury and seven Popes, making her the longest reigning monarch in the British history. Born on the 21st of April in 1926, her journey from “Lilibet” to “Her Majesty” was not what one would call a cushy affair. Managing her family and the requisites of the throne at the age of 25 is even more arduous than it sounds. However, the panache and elegance with which she carried out her duties and has been doing the same for the past 66 years is praiseworthy.

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She was always regarded as the pioneer of the post-war modern era. The events following her accession, from televising her coronation ceremony at the Westminster Abbey against the wishes of the then Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, to her scrapping the rules of male precedence in the order of succession to the throne are symbols of the modernisation of monarchy during her reign.

However, her rule experienced a multitude of blows. The divorce of her son, Prince Charles and the Princess of people’s heart, Lady Diana followed by Diana’s tragic car accident in Paris and the 900 year old Winsor castle being ravaged by inferno were among the few reasons that prompted the Queen to term 1992 as Annus horribilis.

The yet increased scrutiny and speculation into the lives of the Royal family reached such a peak that it threatened to abolish the monarchy. However, the Royal marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton followed by the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte certainly brought back the lost fascination and awe to the regal life.

Thus, the Queen’s able governance was always efficacious in steering the royalty into calmer waters, converting her Annus horribilis into Annus mirabilis.

God Save the Queen!

Muskaan Malhotra

Muskaan Malhotra

Time Turner


Intrigued by the Indian political system, Muskaan is a MUN enthusiast, an avid debater, a dilettante baker, a history buff and a tireless blabber. A staunch believer in the principle that life is as difficult as you make it, she is the sort of person who prides herself in being an optimist. Aspiring to be Sheldon Cooper, she possess the potential of making a world record in babbling about various television series all day long.

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