Remember the time your dad had you removed from your political party when you did not listen to him? Yeah, me neither. But the “Young” Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has a different answer. Mulayam Singh Yadav, the former leader of the Samajwadi Party kicked out Akhilesh Yadav, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh of his Party because apparently he wasn’t listening to him and was getting “too big for his own boots.” Now this is quite relatable to teenagers, who after spending the evening with their friends come home late and their parents yell-“Why Did you come home in the  first place?!”. But this feud took an ugly turn when dad said that he will fight his son in the coming elections if necessary. The SP split into two- The Strict Dad vs. The Rebellious Son, but wait! The election commission steps in and says that Akhilesh, the son has control over the party! Heartbroken and shaken, the father continues to avoid SP and his son. This story is so sad, that John Green can write a book on it.

Now, news straight from the White House, on 20th of January Donald Trump took the oath as the President of the United States. Everybody knows about his charismatic personality, so it is obvious that he will make some controversial statements. He said,” The crowd was just yuge with around a million or a million and a half, whatever it was, it was yuge.” Well, actually less than half a million people showed up, and the largest crowd that ever showed up for a Presidential Inauguration was 1.8 million people for Mr. Obama in 2009. It appears that Mr. Trump was not able to feel the rain too, as he said,”It was about to rain during my it was about to rain during my speech but god said no and I went on with my speech, it was yuge and incredible”. Another correction, the rain poured throughout Mr. Trump’s speech. But hey, charismatic personalities are too hot to feel rain drops, right? But what was the most striking part of his speech was-“We take the power from Washington DC and give it back to you, the people!” By these lines, we conclude that Mr. Trump is also a superhero-movie fan, as these lines are pretty similar to the lines said by Bane in The Dark Knight Rises- “We take Gotham from the corrupt, rich, the oppressors and we give it back to you, the people!”

Another major announcement came from the Korean (not Kimmy’s Korea and  that for the record is a great name for Nickelodeon TV show) tech giant Samsung as they apologised for the shiny weapon they gave to the suicide bombers. Oh sorry, the smartphone Galaxy Note 7 whose batteries caused the phone to burn and explode. They said that the negative electrodes in the battery were curved from the top for a smaller form factor. Now, this is very deep. It signifies that the core that runs the company is flawed. Samsung which was once regarded as the pinnacle of smartphone technology, is facing humiliation because of a flawed group of people who overlooked this detail, which in turn signifies that humans are flawed and that they humiliate each other and eventually destroy each other. Now we know why Ultron chose to exterminate humans in the first place.

Another big thing that happened in the tech world recently is that Crapple released their AirPods after 5 months of delay. The design is simple and at the same time, stupid. Two bent mushrooms in a dental floss case costing 15,000 rupees, is what is trending is technology. That is simple and idiotic at the the same time.

After watching the news in the first month of the year, there is only one question-“To cry, or not to cry. “

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