D for Desert(ed)



Nattering Negatives


From Latin desertus- left waste.
Abandoned. Forsaken.
Fail (someone) when most needed.
(For a place) empty of people.


•I am a crying child in a dumpster.
Left by parents who didn’t want me.
Labelled undesired, unrequired, impure.

But at least he wouldn’t realise the depth of his forced identity until years later.


•I am a woman blessed with a useless ‘male’ appendage.
Forced to sell love on streets because my family didn’t have enough to accept me.


•I am Dido on the beach.

A willow in her hand, calling out to Aeneus who will never hear her cry.


•I am a bruised bride.

Whose parents refuse to intervene in her marital affairs because it would be uncultured when somehow marrying her to a monster in return for lesser dowry wasn’t.


•I am a Jewish town in Nazi Germany, witness to the hollow cries, the faithless eyes, the dead lives, the inhumanity of humans.


•I am all the towns in Afghanistan and in Syria, rendered empty because I couldn’t keep safe my own people who are now lost in the anonymity of statistical data.


•I am a vast span of sand- hot, empty, barren.

Rendered incapable of supporting life, forced to desert people who dare live here.

But if I wasn’t a deserter of people, I’d not be a desert because in being abundant of life, I’d be deserting my identity.

By guest author:

Harshi Lal

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