Nattering Negatives

Limitless, beyond my vision it expanded,

Towards the horizon, where with heaven it collided,

Both were equally grand, equally wild,

A petrichor smell wafted towards me with wind mild,

Like wild weeds, it was untameable,

Yet so ethereal, it was enchanting, it was unattainable,

Even the sand- so soft, so fine,

Couldn’t be held back by these mortal hands of mine,

Within my heart, I felt a yearning, a deep attachment,

I was hypnotised, as if the spirit of desert had cast an enchantment,

Its mystery enraptured me and got me hooked,

More beauty unfolded, the deeper I looked,

Even on land so barren, I could find signs of life,

I learned that even in such a place, nature was in midst of struggle and


I felt like a trespasser, as I looked on,

Which I happen to be, on the earth I was born,

Nothing is permanent; all is but castles of sand,

Which after a period of merciless time, merges back with this land,

In those temporary castles, we are merely a grain,

Yet we manage to be proud, we happen to be vain,

We should learn the ways of desert, wiser, mature,

And let ourselves delve deep in the mysteries of nature,

Watch closely the way desert expands beyond our sight,

Feel the warmth of golden sun, above the dunes so bright,

Know, that you are part of a more meaningful whole,

Engrave the beauty, deep in your heart, right in your soul.

By guest author:

Anvesha Saxena

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