Which of the Lord’s favours would you deny?


MARCH, 2017


“Which of the Lord’s favours would you deny?”

You look around at those less privileged than you and that’s when you realise how blessed you are in a world you keep cursing. In a world where we witness Syria and Yemen, one can only be thankful to be living in a nation where you get to sleep peacefully at night – where you see stars at night and not jet planes flying over you.

But back home too there are some stories seldom heard.
















Illustrated by Swati Singh.

In a corner sits a mother sniveling in prayer for the treatment of her ill child, her tears evaporating as emissaries sent to God. In another corner is another woman shedding tears – but those of joy. They are the herald of her unborn. I stand watching these two antipodal scenes at Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Dargah in Delhi. I stop and ruminate, wondering which of the Lord’s favours I can deny?

What catches my fancy is the unison and convergence of people from around the world of different cultures, beliefs and religions with a common faith to return with the hopes of getting their wishes fulfilled. Hundreds of hands rise up in dua for a better and prosperous life. Someone asks for the marriage of their young sons and daughters, someone for getting a job to earn and feed his old mother. Someone weeps for the cure of his bedridden father.

The response they get is an utter silence.

A silence that is idiosyncratic and soul soothing. Not all are Muslims. Not all are Indians. But a common thread binds them. The belief that someone is there, listening to their grievances and would be answering them by a divine action.

The unison in singing qawaali and hymns in praise of The Almighty. The adrenaline is felt lucidly and the nearby vibes get progressively energetic and vivacious.

Next to me is an Indonesian man whom I overhear conversing to an Indian about their life and culture. Neither of them know English but surprisingly, the former knew Hindi thora-thora. They talk about kebabs and biryani and then one of them would give a hearty laugh when the former understands the latter’s remark. They hug as if they’re friends meeting after years as he takes leave.

This is just one story I tell you about. But I  see so many faces and I ponder, yet again, to see different people running in different directions yet all heads bow before Allah in unison. So many stories, so many faces, so many people. Yet all different for a different purpose here on earth. Clearly he makes it clear within ourselves and the universe.

So this Eid, pray for yourself. Pray for Syria. Pray for Yemen. Pray for the world. Pray for all those without a prayer, because –


“Which of the Lord’s favours would you deny?”
Faizan Ahmad

Faizan Ahmad



Journeys have always looked upon men and seen them struggling to reach that end, but little did they know about Faizan Ahmad, until he owned the journey and the moments. He's untamed. And he bows to no rules. He simply exists on his own terms and has managed to carve out a niche world for himself.

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