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Tommy Edison is a comic, a YouTuber and a radio jockey. He also happens to be blind.

Time and time again, he has emphasized how his disability is not a constant source of agitation to him. This however, is something most people have not been able to wrap their heads around. While all our concerns come from a good place, considering how difficult it must be for the visually impaired to not be able to see, they hardly are of any relevance. Mantis shrimps have 12 different types of photoreceptors. This means they can perceive twice the amount of visual information that we are capable of sensing. We’re practically color blind compared to those suckers. Our disability in this regard does not matter to us because, well, how even is it to see all those crazy colors that the shrimps can? This is exactly the point Tommy Edison made in one of the many interviews he’s been a part of when he was asked how it is not being able to see. Well, how is it being able to see?

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Masoon Zayid, an Arab-American comedian said in one of her talks, “I have 99 problems, palsy is just one”.  She’s bound to a wheelchair and her speech is not what you’d call perfect. But she’s a perfectly functional and happy human being. The only thing that ticks her off is the presumption made by almost everybody that she lives a sorry life because of her disability. Because she does not.

A hugely unacknowledged portion of our population is disabled. And our concerns, sadly, are mostly limited to sympathy. There hardly are any video games for the visually impaired, any automobiles that can be operated by the paralyzed. We often applaud people who are disabled and have done well in their fields because of the fact that they are disabled, and not because of their work. This is a bummer.

We don’t need sympathy for the disabled. We need empathy. That is how we create equal opportunities. That is how we refuse to let them feel like outcasts. That is how we create a better place for the whole lot of us.

Namrata Chatterjee

Namrata Chatterjee

Mental Floss


The first conversation you have with Namrata Chatterjee, you would probably expect her to become the President. The second conversation you have with her, well, not so much.
An ardent acolyte of psychology, she is an academic scholar and an even better writer. From debating to designing she has tried her hand at everything D. What would intrigue you the most about this remarkable young lady, is that even after all the “edgy” situations she has landed herself in, she never relies on aggression for any solution, unlike some of the other people leading us. Rather, she prefers logic infused with loads of kindness to do the same. An absolute sweet slump, she is in desperate need for compliments.

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