A Reality Check: You Are Not Cool


APRIL, 2017


Sometimes you take a look around and all you see is these amazing people around, doing cool things. You see people boasting of their achievements, making sure everyone knows. Someone is writing a book, someone is making videos for YouTube, someone is composing a song. Someone is topping the class, someone is winning awards at debates and MUNs, someone is travelling the world while someone is getting the girl you once wanted.

You feel like these cool people are the ones who are truly winning at life and you wonder why you can’t be one of them. You curse yourself for being incapable of greatness.

I tried fitting in this world for years. My head; full of thoughts on how to impress others. I began doing everything I could to make sure that I was linked with the cool bunch of people. Every action of mine was then carefully thought and planned with the notion of how people would perceive me.

But this is how you lose yourself.

Made by Harshi Lal

You feel weak and worthless and you forget you’re still alive and breathing for a bigger purpose in life. You don’t want to be reminded of your flaws or be made to feel ugly. You want to feel strong and accomplished. You require the world to apotheosize themselves to the idea of you. And anyone who doesn’t? Is your hater and must be jealous, trying to bring you down, right?

You want to be the exception yet you want to seem humble. You wanna display perfection because if you don’t then how would you fit in?

It’s okay not to get the highest grades in class. It’s okay not to write blogs and books and have fans on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. It’s okay to not have a girlfriend. It’s okay to have your tiny moments of happiness in your own world than the grand pomp and show of might everyone is putting up. And it’s perfectly fine to go through hard times and accept the pain.

The truth is, we are not amazing.  We do everything in our hands to estrange ourselves from ourselves. We are not cool. We love the lie. We live the lie.

Like Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage.” Perhaps someone is already under the spotlight in the zenith of his show, while you’re still in the green room, backstage. That does not mean that you will not the get the opportunity to shine on stage.

Just wait for your time to come.

Faizan Ahmad

Faizan Ahmad



Journeys have always looked upon men and seen them struggling to reach that end, but little did they know about Faizan Ahmad, until he owned the journey and the moments. He's untamed. And he bows to no rules. He simply exists on his own terms and has managed to carve out a niche world for himself.

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  1. Purujit Arora

    It’s really good, man ❤ It spoke to me on a personal level.

  2. Aadishree Diwakar

    All the euphoria comes up to face..
    That’s really a good piece of thought?

  3. Noopur Pursnani

    Great job :”)

  4. Noopur Pursnani

    Great job :”)

  5. Ayesha Ali

    Absolutely love it .This is inspirational ?

  6. Ashar

    It was really good. :”)

  7. Dr mohd nadim

    It’s really gud.

  8. Avi


  9. Nikhil Pratap Singh

    Dayum, this was needed! Thanks a bunch bro, that’s me right there, always feeling low and shit for the exact same reason, this article is just, ????????
    Spot On!

  10. Yashaswinee Raje Singh

    Simple yet profound.

  11. himanshu vikram

    Inspiring ?

  12. Swati

    This was lovely


    Real reflection of fresh mind.


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