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JUNE, 2017



Ilustrated by Harshi Lal.

I wish one day the smog disappears,
To know that the skies are still blue.
To feel once more the purpose of my existence,
Although far away from you.
To see sunny hours of summer,
To feel the grass under my feet, I crave.
I feel like plucking those crimson roses,
Giving them to you, but this time at your grave.
I sit in the veranda with your shirt close to my chest,
Battling darkness in these dazzling days.
Searching tranquility and rest,
As the only thing I know of, is the haunting night that stays.
Some day I might not have to shrink in pain,
And will not have to pine away the entire year. 
I yearn to play the Christmas songs again,
Hoping that you can hear.
Even if I become blithesome tomorrow,
seeing the woods shimmering bright,
 I can never consign to oblivion the sorrow,
For I lost you, I lost you in someone else’s fight.
Urvi Tripathi

Urvi Tripathi


"Does my sassiness upset you? Why are you beset with gloom? 'Cause I walk like I've got oil wells Pumping in my living room."

With a smile as bright as the sun and sass flowing in her veins, Urvi Tripathi lives by these words of Maya Angelou. An opinionated woman, Urvi never misses a chance to express herself; be it a discussion about the Violation of Fundamental Rights or the Violation of Fashion Rules - she always happens to have some inputs. A Humanities student and a Law Aspirant, she is a perfect example of beauty with brains. Taller than most of the people around her, she still possesses the heart of a child. Unapologetic, opinionated and soft hearted, with her straight facts and a twisted personality, she's an ideal Gemini.

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