Of Seas and Waves and Thoughts



It’s a Metaphor

Made by Harshi Lal

Been sitting here for an hour, trying to pen down some thoughts; 

Racking my brains, twisting them into unbreakable knots. 
Sifting from here to there, trying to make some sense; 
Of the blabber and the documents, and all things hence. 
How hard it is to focus, for my mind is a wanderer 
My thoughts- they’re wild, like a reckless saunterer! 
My tired gaze travels out of these walls- walls of glass; 
And my thoughts follow, though baseless and crass. 
There it is, lashing against the rocks– that Arabian beauty 
The waves beating incessantly, like an eternal duty. 
They rise and they fall, like my arbitrary thought; 
Both of which, in the end, come to naught. 
Both are ceaseless, and both swim with their sharks-  
They bear the winds, the storms and their darks. 
Apparently shallow, yet are of unfathomable depths 
Glistening on the surface, creating ripples in time. 
Both the sea and my thoughts- they’re just the same. 
The sea- slave to the moon- an animal- tied and caged 
Just as my thoughts, prisoner to my conscience, tired and raged. 
Fiza Khan

Fiza Khan

It's a Metaphor


Fiza Khan: a poetess, a musician, a debater, a MUNner, an actress, a national level vocabulary champion, a school topper, and a beautiful human being. None of the following things can be detected if you happen to meet her in person. She is a rebel- a quirky tumblr kid.
Fiza, like every other human is a complex being, but what makes her unique is the way in which she embraces her complexity. Her romance with literature is very evident: plays and poems that drive the adolescents away, are the ones that Fiza adores. She's the person who searches the dusty dark corners of the library. You name it, she's read every other book.
Before engaging in a conversation with her you know that you might end up questioning your existence, because the casual way she inserts deadly metaphors is in fact, quite deadly!

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  1. Ritwik Singh Raikwar

    Nothing can be better than this!?
    Last two lines are just beautiful!


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