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The world in the past five years has quickly come in terms with mental illnesses and their gravity. While the taboo of being diagnosed with a psychological disorder is now becoming a thing of the past, a new trend of glamorizing the same emerges. In cinemas and television series as well as in novels, depression has multiple times been portrayed as desirable and beautiful.

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Millenials, unlike the other generations, have had exposure to all sorts of media like never before. It is to this that we owe our new found acceptance and comfort. We decided to accept the blues and embrace all emotions. It was utopian for the depressed, for people would not constantly tell them to ‘smile a little more’ and ’try to relax.’ There was never enough recognition for the people who suffered from this terrible malady that renders the mind numb and devoid of emotion. They now, with the support of others, could fight the stigma related to mental illnesses and get professional help and medications.

Everything was candies and flowers until this one person decided to go ahead and find beauty in depression.

Depression has time and time again been inaccurately defined and grossly misinterpreted by many. Not only do we trivialize the struggle of overcoming a depressed state when we grant our occasional sadness the badge of a serious and mostly chronic illness, we wrong every individual who is or had been going through the agonizing pain depression brings by calling it beautiful. Depression is the failure of a healthy state of mind. While failure should be acknowledged with gentle regard and empathized with, it should never be encouraged; or worse, glamorised.

Empathy, yes, is a rare luxury that everybody deserves. Self acceptance is beautiful. Declaring faith in the people who are fighting depression and promising to be with them is noble. However, depression itself is nothing of splendor; the depressed are not any more or any less human than their counterparts. Waking up with no motivation and not wishing to live through the day is not glamorous, and calling it so is no less than identifying their struggle as a frivolous feat.

Namrata Chatterjee

Namrata Chatterjee

Mental Floss


The first conversation you have with Namrata Chatterjee, you would probably expect her to become the President. The second conversation you have with her, well, not so much.
An ardent acolyte of psychology, she is an academic scholar and an even better writer. From debating to designing she has tried her hand at everything D. What would intrigue you the most about this remarkable young lady, is that even after all the “edgy” situations she has landed herself in, she never relies on aggression for any solution, unlike some of the other people leading us. Rather, she prefers logic infused with loads of kindness to do the same. An absolute sweet slump, she is in desperate need for compliments.

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