The Great War and The Radix of the Despotic Democracy



The Chimera of Truth

8th November 2016.

The day all of us would remember all our lives.

As millennials, global events have been pretty common to us- we have been the peers and the ushers of the modern era- The Age of the Internet. The masses of the United States voted, and chose Donald Trump as their leader, their president. Trump’s campaign had been riddled with problems and was a predicament altogether. His election to the seat seemed to be an unreal possibility which could only be real in fantasy land. The Media, The Elite and the Capitalists were all against Trump and ironically, with Clinton, evident from the donations made by hedge fund managers: 10,000 dollars to the Republican candidate, while the Democratic Campaign, a hefty sum of 45 million dollars. And yet, Trump won.

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Trump’s win, unsurprisingly, surprised the world. From the leaders of the West to the rising giants of the East, everyone subtly, but boldly established the notion of cooperation but not at the cost of “democratic principles”. Now, these statements from each of these nations are the only probable glimpses of truth that we’ll have in the upcoming scenario. Moreover, tracking these statements and recent events, I believe that a war is coming- another Great War. In the past few months, we saw a stereotypical villain to be elected to the most important post, which was followed by some very calculated steps taken by a few Anti-West governments. (I wouldn’t exactly classify Russia to be anti-west, but for the sake of the argument, and in the presence of some startling evidence, it seems as though it can be classified as anti west). Only a few days before the elections, Russia conducted a nationwide military exercise, preparing its citizens for a nuclear war. The exercise detailed the transfer of civilians to nuclear bunkers (constructed and last used in the Cold War era) while the military personnel were given revised emergency training. A few days later, Putin signed an executive order ordering government officials to call back all overseas relatives . This, amongst other statements by senior government officials regarding nuclear war and special preference for certain presidential candidates, (yes, Trump) and strong support for Trump from underground Russian Organizations, further points towards a political conspiracy, one that clearly shows that Russia is gearing up for a nuclear war. With Trump’s controversial Cabinet choices and China’s decision to stop investing in the US treasuries, the state of world politics is volatile.

Often in the grand work of War, it is us, the nugatory entities, who suffer and justify the war because of the propaganda which is fed to us in its trail. The election of a villain can very well be defined as the masterpiece of this propaganda. His choices regarding administration further prove the notion that he could very well be a tyrant. His actions would easily justify a war, which would lead to the very destruction of our species. The original culprits of this grave process value war profiteering over our existence and hence, this war could be the end of us all.

Siddhant Mishra

Siddhant Mishra

The Chimera of Truth


Siddhant Mishra truly is a man of his own making. His ability to convince not just one person, but a room full of people about any given subject is what marks him apart of a mob. Not only is he a man of razor sharp wits, but also excels at humor. His hatred for pretense and toffees root down to the same reason; both come in plastics. That been said, his puns are as hilarious as they are tricky. Hanging out with him is fun, to say the least. If he does talk to you; he either does it so he can marvel upon the infinite capacity of human stupidity, or because he deems you intellectual enough to be of good company to him. Good luck finding out which.

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