Disclaimer: The aim of this article is not to support Trump, but to defend him, that too, not in terms of his misogynistic, outrageous entirety, but solely with reference to the points mentioned below.  

With Donald Trump winning the presidential elections, the United States seems to be at a point of ‘no return’- a term used in aviation referring to a point after which the take off cannot be reverted, however bad the conditions may be. With students talking about their foreign education at stake, Democrats about liberty and liberals about equal rights, let us first examine the whole picture. My case of defense comprises of seven  structured arguments: arguments of a good will state, racism, the Trump wall, his energy policy, the American economy, his intervention policy and his fiscal and employment policy.

America: Not a Good Will State

The United States of America is not a good will state, it is a country. A country primarily grants rights to its citizens, which, if it fails to do so, the government of that country can be prosecuted. So, yes it is indeed sad that your plans of studying in the US are facing inconveniences now, but may I remind you that that is not your right because you are not a citizen of the nation. In this case, we have been judging Trump on the basis of norms (a good practice) but not on laws, the fine difference being that breaking a law can land you in the court but breaking a norm may land you in a church. Sunday mornings are free breakfast in church, just in case. Your being angry at the current state of affairs is justified, but losing objectivity in judgement isn’t going to help either. Trump as a matter of fact, has won clearly because he was able to rekindle the American ‘id’. Therefore, you may blame the population of the United States because in the first place the election only shows what they wanted in reality.


Trump has been accused of prejudice against the blacks but as a matter of fact, in the elections, states like Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi that have a population of 33% of blacks on an average, have voted for Trump. Also, it was observed that the majority in these states clearly showed both black and white support for Trump. Trump has also been awarded a black community service award (Ellis Island award in NYC, other winners of this award were browns like Rosa Parks and the boxing legend Muhammad Ali). In addition to the mission statement, the website also listed its award recipient criteria — which, according to them, Trump exemplified — including integrity, passion, gravitas, humanitarian and ethnic heritage. Trumps Charity includes charity in medical hemisphere for children affected with Aids throughout the world including Africa through UNICEF. I acknowledge that the aforementioned facts do not negate that Trump has said what he has said, but it certainly should make us wonder if all of it was a manifestation of a skilled tactician who aimed to resonate with the primitive barbaric ideologies of “white America”.

The Trump Wall

People have always scorned Trump for his plans of building a wall on the US-Mexico border but the same people conveniently forget that the US congress in 2006 had passed the Secure Fences Act that talks about fencing the 1100 km boundary shared with Mexico. The statement said: On October 26, 2006, President George W. Bush signed the Secure Fence Act of 2006 into law stating, “This bill will help protect the American people. This bill will make our borders more secure. It is an important step toward immigration reform”. We do not mind a fence but when Mr. Trump calls it a wall, we take offence. The secure borders are no Trump propaganda, it is just a republican policy!

The Energy Policy

Where we have people like Hillary Clinton, who want to outsource energy to make their capitalist friends even richer, Mr. Trump believes in American energy. The area of North Dakota that had the capacity to produce megawatts of electricity was destroyed by the Democrats. North Dakota and Alabama after facing pipeline bursts have no water to drink but the Democrats are busy giving 46.4 billion dollar aid to Israel.

The American Economy

Donald Trump is the 156th richest man in America and the 352nd richest man in the world. You may call him everything but an economic failure. A person who went bankrupt in the 90s but has grown by leaps and bounds is surely the best man to handle a capitalist economy like America. Also, he has a formal degree that is well recognized in Economics. All businesses that are currently in debt have been declared a good credit (safe for giving loan) because even banks know the profit the ventures will make in the future and that is the reason Mr. Trump was never denied loan after the 90s crash.

Intervention Policy

Whereas the Democrats talk about long sustained occupation of Middle East, Mr. Trump has mixed views. He talks of peace with China and Russia but he also talks about fighting the ISIS. He also said it on record that Russia may fight the ISIS, US should now withdraw. The policy is not clear but still has a ray of hope.

Fiscal and Employment Policy

In brief the policy talks about jobs staying in the US by ending free trade partnerships and encouraging fair trade and not free trade. Trump will end the Pacific partnership and shall also cut costs of education in the US for US citizens.

Donald Trump has indeed said some outrageous things, and I reiterate that I am not defending them. However, with the way the western media has been manipulated by omission and emphasis, we have developed a reflexive tendency to generalize our opinion on some of his doings and sayings to all other aspects of him as President.

So here was an attempt to show you a glimpse of the bigger picture. Remember: You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. Ignorance is a privilege nobody should get to have.”

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